google_ad_slot = "5562388597"; Ford Ranger Double Cab ( 05 ) + 4 Berth Demountable Camper ( Apollo ) ( 09 ) -UK: panterg: Overland Vehicles and Equipment for Sale / Wanted: 2: 25 Jan 2016 22:18: Suntrekker Demountable Camper Body Wanted: martyboy: Overland Vehicles and Equipment for Sale / Wanted: 0: 15 Jul 2014 20:56: Overlander/4x4 Toyota Tacoma Pickup with Camper … Evans continued to produce, develop and improve the Romahome through the 1980s and into the 1990s fitting them not just to the Honda but to other 'micro' pickups such as the Daihatsu Hijet and the Bedford Rascal. ‘Hardside’ Campers. RomahomeThe fibreglass Romahome body for the tiny, 350c.c. I've recently transferred an older demountable (1995 Island Plastics Suntrekker) to a new pickup (2006 Ford Ranger) and it was not at all straightforward. . How it works Mounting the demountable camper takes around 20 minutes once you have the process sussed. (Surviving examples of their camper based on the Austin Maestro van are still highly cherished and sought after.) By the mid-70s however, UK production of chassis had virtually dried up due to continuing industrial disputes and, in frustration, ICP withdrew from the market and sold the Suntrekker business and brand to coachbuilders B.Walker & Son of Watford. Report. We bought it in 2004, still attached to the '92 Ford P100 pickup to which it was first fitted. 3burner gas hob w grill LED Lights stuff about Demountables . , other useful stuff ... of historical interest ... classic UK demountables, Scroll down the page or click to jump to any of the following brands: Both the fixed and demountable versions shared the same rear entrance and internal layout - still typical of many demountables. The Krake Technology Group specialises in plastics technology and has major industrial partners like Siemens and Airbus but, according to their website, they also make a demountable camper, the … In 1993 Evans Developments moved its production to the Isle of Wight and changed its name to Island Plastics but continued to produce the Romahome and to develop its distinctive design. As you can see in the photo above, the demountable camper unit has 4 legs which jack up and down, leaving the camper free-standing when not on the vehicle. MulticruiserMulticruiser, based in Thornbury, Bradford, was first incorporated in 1975 and quickly established a reputation as a builder of coachbuilt motorhomes on the recently-imported Toyota Hi-Ace. Demountable Camper Group has 1,940 members. but has a weird 1 inch band at the bottom that is pixelated otherwise fine I have one Camper (demountable as you call it in UK) on US truck. Honda Acty was manufactured by Evans Developments (Portsmouth) Ltd. from 1978 onwards. There are very few cases where a demountable camper is designed and made for one specific base vehicle (Easy Camper's EC8R for the Landrover or Apollo Motorhome's camper for the Ford Transit Flareside are examples) but in all cases the size and weight of the camper … Aug 15, 2020 - Explore Hightop's board "Demountable Camper" on Pinterest. Legs extended to accommodate wider wheels/arches but can be returned to original. My original intention was to buy an old pick-up truck and fit a demountable camper unit on the load bed. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8110437540055341"; google_ad_height = 15; Rather like the German 'Bimobil' (see German manufacturers), it involved a complete rebuild of the back end of the pickup which, as far as I can recall, then had runners along which the camper was essentially 'winched' into position. Advertisement This is Fiberglass so bomber construction. Suntrekker Demountable Camper Body Wanted: martyboy: Overland Vehicles and Equipment for Sale / Wanted: 0: 15 Jul 2014 19:56 . 30+ days ago. FREE HU Achievable Dream … full working order electric or selfwind 1 of the tops is cracked and … Nov 23, 2019 - Suntrekker on T4 Double Cab project - Page 5 - Demountable camper group Two other major drawbacks of this mounting/demounting system was that the usefulness of the pickup bed was severely compromised and the demountable camper unit could not be transferred to another pickup. UK • Apollo are the longest-established demountable manufacturer in the UK having produced their first demountable … There are thousands of demountables in the States and Canada but not many over here it seems so I'm in the process of starting a demountable camper website just out of interest to see how many of us demountable … // End -->. Working from sets of plans could be helpful - at least you know that someone has successfully done it before you! < BACK to 'of historical interest' • ^ TOP of the page. /* Top ad */ document.writeln("page last updated: " + document.lastModified); 110ah leisure battery This includes the Tollare Camper 383, an all plastic demountable somewhat reminiscent, in construction and layout, of the Island Plastics 'Suntrekker' which was also built by a boat-building company. Margrove Caravans & Motorhomes still exists as a dealership but, as far as I know, they are no longer manufacturers. Demountable campers ↳ Demountable campers for sale ↳ Popular Q's & buyers guides ↳ Suppliers ↳ Buyers guides all popular campers ↳ Chitter chatter happens here ↳ For sale/needed ↳ New members, say hello ↳ out-back ↳ Travel ↳ stuff about demountables & ID camper list ↳ Identify all campers from here ↳ Some of our campers Demountable Camper Group has 1,987 members. Import of vehicles from foreign manufacturers continued and by the end of 1981 pickups from Toyota, Daihatsu and Colt were all available in the UK to be followed in 1982 by Ford's import of the P100 from South Africa. This was in direct contrast to the bespoke coachbuilding that other manufacturers at the time offered. 12v / Gas fridge Description: When you log into the Control Panel, you will get an authentication cookie used to maintain your authenticated state.The cookie name is prefixed with a long, randomly generated string, followed … 120w Solar panel It is my second camper, the first a NordStar (Sweden origin !!) now sold - thanks for all your interest. … If you can offer corrections and/or additions, please do. Radio with speakers I am in sunny Blackpool which is a LONG way from Suffolk!! Demountable Camper Group has 1,940 members. google_ad_client = "pub-8110437540055341"; NSR Leisure campers from Tischer . Announcements! The Wildmoor was only produced for a very short time around the end of the 1990s/beginning of the 2000s. Motorhomes Suntrekker Demountable, Used Campers & Motorhomes For Sale in Chapelizod, Dublin, Ireland for 4500.00 euros on