0. The formula expressing the optical power of prismatic spectroscopes may readily be investigated upon the principles of the wave theory. (accepted, agreed to) " He readily admitted to cheating on the test. Example sentence - She would have readily have forgiven him but he continued to be cruel so she left him. 3. Since the latex " creams " readily the rubber can be separated from the latex by centrifugalizing, and its quality and market value thus enhanced. Marmont and Davout were deficient in horses for cavalry and artillery, and the troops in Boulogne, having been drawn together for the invasion of England, had hardly any transport at all, as it was considered this want could be readily supplied on landing. It dissolves in water, 15 parts of water dissolving about one part of phenol at 16-17° C., but it is miscible in all proportions at about 70° C.; it is volatile in steam, and is readily soluble in alcohol, ether, benzene, carbon bisulphide, chloroform and glacial acetic acid. This is readily illustrated by considering the properties of gases - the simplest state of aggregation. Of the rest, the following are readily oxidized by steam at a red heat, with formation of hydrogen gas - zinc, iron, cadmium, cobalt, nickel, tin. It is insoluble in water, while its salts are readily soluble. 46. The equilibria of these modifications may be readily represented on a pressure-temperature diagram. The coagulation of the latex often originates with the " curding " of the proteids present, and this alteration in the proteid leads to the solidification of the globules into caoutchouc. 1, The difference between the two is readily discernible. In the summer a great accumulation of solar heat takes place on the dry surface soil, from which it cannot be released upwards by evaporation, as might be the case were the soil moist or covered with vegetation, nor can it be readily conveyed away downwards as happens on the ocean. There are 43 example sentences for readily. Reality definition, the state or quality of being real. These aldols generally lose the elements of water readily and pass into unsaturated compounds; aldol itself on distillation at ordinary atmospheric pressure gives crotonaldehyde, CH 3 � CH: CH. The acid employed may be hydrochloric, which gives the best results, or sulphuric, which is used in Germany; sulphuric acid is more readily separated from the product than hydrochloric, since the addition of powdered chalk precipitates it as calcium sulphate, which may be removed by a filter press. One can readily understand the popularity of the Crusades, when one reflects that they permitted men to get to the other world by fighting hard on earth, and allowed them to gain the fruits of asceticism by the ways of hedonism. The latex coagulates readily, especially if churned or if diluted with water, when a purer rubber is obtained. Boron nitride BN is formed when boron is burned either in air or in nitrogen, but can be obtained more readily by heating to redness in a platinum crucible a mixture of one part of anhydrous borax with two parts of dry ammonium chloride. It is a white solid, which readily decomposes water in the cold and behaves as a strong reducing agent. Guns are readily accessible to Americans. Hence it is not surprising that, in those more subtle forms in which energy cannot be readily or completely converted into work, the universality of the principle of energy, its conservation, as regards amount, should for a long while have escaped recognition after it had become familiar in pure dynamics. The evolution of the distinct business of cotton broking is readily comprehensible when we remind ourselves that the requirements, as regards raw material, of all spinners are much alike generally, and that no spinner could afford to pay an expert to devote himself entirely to purchasing cotton for his mill. At ordinary temperatures it is a gas, but may be condensed to a liquid which boils at - 6° C. It has a strong ammoniacal smell, burns readily and is exceedingly soluble in water. Accordingly when Gian Galeazzo's widow applied to the republic for help against Carrara it was readily granted, and, after some years of fighting, the possessions of the Carraresi, Padua, Treviso, Bassano, commanding the Val Sugana route, as well as Vicenza and Verona, passed definitely under Venetian rule. The mole-hills and serrated ridges of medieval maps were still in almost general use at the close of the 18th century, and are occasionally met with at the present day, being cheaply produced, readily understood by the unlearned, and in reality preferable to the uncouth and misleading hatchings still to be seen on many maps. The first maximum in fact occurs when 6=2A-0046X, and the first minimum when 5 = 8X- oo16X, the corrections being readily obtainable from a table of G by substitution of the approximate value of V. Dilute sulphuric acid attacks it but slowly; hydrochloric acid, especially if strong, dissolves it readily, with the formation, more immediately, of a hyacinthcoloured solution of U 2 C1 6, which, however, readily absorbs oxygen from the air, with the formation of a green solution of UC1 4, which in its turn gradually passes into one of yellow uranyl salt, U02. z) readily passes° into r in many languages: compare the Eng. See more. In historical order we may briefly enumerate the following: - in 1811, Gay-Lussac volatilized a weighed quantity of liquid, which must be readily volatile, by letting it rise up a short tube containing mercury and standing inverted in a vessel holding the same metal. The isolation of metallic titanium is very difficult since it readily combines with nitrogen (thus resembling boron and magnesium) and carbon. 0. Find more ways to say readily, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 2. Who readily admits to ignorance in some areas of NFL policy? The ordinary impure metal dissolves at once, the more readily the less pure it is. It is a colourless aromatic-smelling oily liquid, which boils at 247° C. and readily oxidizes on exposure. The amorphous form readily slakes with water, and the aqueous solution yields a crystalline hydrated hydroxide approximating in composition to Sr(OH) 2.8H 2 O or Sr(OH) 2.9H 2 O, which on standing in vacuo loses some of its water of crystallization, leaving the monohydrated hydroxide, Sr(OH) 2 H 2 O. 0 0. ), and on rapid heating at 180° C. gives maleic anhydride and fumaric acid. Synonyms: fain, first, preferably… Antonyms: involuntarily, unwillingly, arduously… Find the right word. It readily forms a sodium salt, from the aqueous solution of which on the addition of a mineral acid an isomeric solid form of the nitro compound (melting at 84° C.) is precipitated. 3. Even though I grew up in Canada, where there are more left-handed golfers than in the States, left-handed equipment wasn't readilyavailable. Update 2: I can readily fix a computer. It is readily understood why men imbued with the authority of tradition should prosecute the search for a substance which would confer unlimited wealth upon the fortunate discoverer. Its advantages over the zinc process are that the deposited gold is purer and more readily extracted, and that weaker solutions can be employed, thereby effecting an economy in cyanide. It is readily decomposed by water, with liberation of ammonia. 2, He readily agreed to help us. New York Post columnist Bob McManus, who grew up here, readily agrees. Shaving soaps, which must obviously be free from alkali or any substance which irritates the skin, are characterized by readily forming a permanent lather. Substituted acetylenes also exhibit this form of condensation; for instance, bromacetylene, BrC: CH, is readily converted into tribrombenzene, while propiolic acid, HC: C. COOH, under the influence of sunlight, gives benzene tricarboxylic acid. It readily condenses with aromatic hydrocarbons in the presence of sulphuric acid. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. It unites readily with ammonia gas forming a white crystalline solid of composition 2BC13.3NH3. Simple pits (p.) enable conduction to take place readily from one to another. He finds that the endoderm arises may be readily distinguished, six of which subsequently enter into from an anterior and a posterior rudiment derived from the " endothe formation of the head, three going to the thorax and twelve to blast," that many of the cells of these rudiments wander into the the abdomen. When cold they are readily separated by a blow from a hammer. She took it readily, and he pulled her into his body for a quick kiss before he Traveled. Pasta is included on every menu, but a variety of other main dishes and some interesting appetizers are also readily available at these establishments. How to use readily in a sentence. quickly, immediately, willingly, or without any problem: He readily agreed to help. Haemoglobin is composed of a basic albumin and an acid substance haematin; it combines readily with oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to form loose compounds. Immersed in cold water gelatin does not dissolve but swells up; it dissolves readily in hot water, forming, according to the quantity present, a thick jelly which solidifies to a hard mass on cooling (the " glue " of the woodworker), or a thin jelly (used in cookery). LOG IN; REGISTER; settings. Thus obtained it is a yellow powder, soluble in the mineral acids to form soluble salts, which are readily precipitated as basic salts when the solution is diluted. reality meaning: 1. the state of things as they are, rather than as they are imagined to be: 2. a fact: 3…. In some cases, an ideologically-motivated education is readily available for … Thrice Samson scoffingly told her how he might be bound, and thrice he readily broke the bonds with which she had fettered him in his sleep; seven green bow-strings, new ropes, and even the braiding of his hair into the frame of the loom failed to secure him. Readily accessible screens with clear openings selected to protect the pumps should precede pumps handling raw wastewater, unless pneumatic ejectors are used or special devices such as comminutors are installed to protect the pumps from clogging or … She is readily accessible to flattery. 5, Warning notices must be readily understandable. Stannic salt solutions give a yellow precipitate of SnS 2 with sulphuretted hydrogen, which is insoluble in cold dilute acids but readily soluble in sulphide of ammonium, and is re-precipitated therefrom as SnS2 on acidification. Pure lead is far more readily corroded than a metal contaminated with 1% or even less of antimony or copper. Let's get the kids ready to go. The glycols are somewhat thick liquids, of high boiling point, the pinacones only being crystalline solids; they are readily soluble in water and alcohol, but are insoluble in ether. Leo sent a new nuncio to Copenhagen (1521) in the person of the Minorite Francesco de Potentia, who readily absolved the king and received the rich bishopric of Skara. as fast as the previous portions become well filled with roots, which may readily be done by packing up a turf wall at the extremity of the portion to be newly made; an exterior width of 15 ft. Simarubaceae, but is readily distinguished by its large handsome red flowers arranged in terminal clusters. The next evening after the trial the little girl begged Ozma to allow her to look in the enchanted picture, and the Princess readily consented. This acid with silver nitrite gave nitroacetic acid, which readily gave the second nitromethane, CH a (NO 2) b H c H d, identical with the first nitromethane. In North America the earliest representative of the group is Systemodon of the Lower Eocene, in which all the upper premolars are quite simple; while the molars are of a type which would readily develop into that of the modern tapirs, both outer columns being conical and of equal size. It dissolves readily in water and alcohol in all proportions, but is insoluble in ether. Another essential ingredient of all glass mixtures containing sulphate of soda is some form of carbon, which is added either as coke, charcoal or anthracite coal; the carbon so introduced aids the reducing substances contained in the atmosphere of the furnace in bringing about the reduction of the sulphate of soda to a condition in which it combines more readily with the silicic acid of the sand. 31. It forms green prisms which are readily soluble in water. The former, based on Kekule's symbol for benzene, explains the decompositions and syntheses of the ring, but the character of naphthalene is not in keeping with the presence of five double linkages, although it is more readily acted upon than benzene is. readily agree in a sentence - Use "readily agree" in a sentence 1. Indeed, she remembers HELIOTROPE and CHRYSANTHEMUM more readily than she does shorter names. They add on alkyl iodides readily, forming alkyl azonium salts. It is readily hydrolysed by hot solutions of the caustic alkalis. It is only slightly soluble in water, but is readily soluble in acids and alkalis. To provide context: About 20 percent of Palestinians since the 1920s have been willing to live with Israel in a state of harmony. These logs were towed from the ship, but with quick passages and well surveyed coasts, the need arose for a patent log which could be readily consulted from the deck, and from which the distance run under varying speeds could be quickly ascertained. Larger sizes are readily available. Examples: We will make that readily available for you sir. readily: Without hesitation; willingly. This President seems to be trying to cling to an idea of the past that never quite existed in reality. Ready sentence examples. readily understandable/available simple instructions that anyone can readily understand [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples It readily dissolves in nitric acid, aqua regia, and hot sulphuric acid, but tardily in hot hydrochloric acid. It is an easily traced outgrowth of the second branch of the Cloisonless first school just described, for one can readily underEameis stand that from placing the decorative design in a monochromatic field of low tone, which is essentially a pictorial method, development would proceed in the direction of concealing the mechanics of the art rn, order to enhance the pictorial effect. … Example sentences for Readily. The enigmatic Tim's request for a favor was readily granted after three generations of both their families working together towards the PMF's goals of national unity. The homologues of acetylene condense more readily; thus allylene, CH: C CH 3, and crotonylene, CH 3.0: C CH 3, yield trimethyland hexamethyl-benzene under the influence of sulphuric acid. A sandy beach or desert owes its character to the mobility of its constituent sand-grains, which are readily drifted and piled up in the form of dunes. The English Is Coming! All Rights Reserved. quicksand," loose water-logged sand, readily yielding to weight or pressure, and "quicksilver," the common name of the metal mercury. When slowly crystallized it forms large monoclinic prisms which are readily soluble in water but difficultly soluble in alcohol. readily in a sentence - Use "readily" in a sentence 1. It could readily ascend the sides of the room by short impulses, like a squirrel, which it resembled in its motions. 48. For the production of coloured sheet-glass, however, the employment of pot furnaces is still almost universal, probably because the quantities of glass required of any one tint are insufficient to employ even a small tank furnace continuously; the exact control of the colour is also more readily attained with the smaller bulk of glass which has to be dealt with in pots. Example sentences for Readily. The lower members of the series are neutral liquids possessing a characteristic smell; they are soluble in water and are readily volatile (formaldehyde, however, is a gas at ordinary temperatures). When substances readily combine with water to form hydrates, the heat of solution in water is usually positive; when, on the other hand, they do not readily form hydrates, or when they are already hydrated, the heat of solution is usually negative. Other reactions which introduce carboxyl groups into aromatic groups are: the action of carbonyl chloride on aromatic hydrocarbons in the presence of aluminium chloride, acid-chlorides being formed which are readily decomposed by water to give the acid; the action of urea chloride Cl�CO�NH 2, cyanuric acid (CONH) 3, nascent cyanic acid, or carbanile on hydrocarbons in the presence of aluminium chloride, acid-amides being obtained which are readily decomposed to give the acid. The salts of all the metals of this group usually crystallize well, the chlorides and nitrates dissolve readily in water, whilst the carbonates, phosphates and sulphates are either very sparingly soluble or are insoluble in water. The electric transmission of energy can be performed with an efficiency not reached by any other method, and the electric motor readily adapts itself to cranes. Wallach, Ann., 1878, 193, p. 25) It crystallizes in monoclinic tables, and is readily soluble in water, alcohol and ether. Anicetus, however, declined to admit the Jewish custom in the churches under his jurisdiction, but readily communicated with Polycarp and those who followed it. The simplest modes of preparing pure glycerin are based on the saponification of fats, either by alkalis or by superheated steam, and on the circumstance that, although glycerin cannot be distilled by itself under the ordinary pressure without decomposition, it can be readily volatilized in a current of superheated steam. Elements which readily enter into reaction with each other, and which develop a large amount of heat on combination, are said to have a powerful affinity for each other. Antimony, bismuth and zinc exhibit a very distinct crystalline structure: a bar-shaped ingot readily breaks, and the crystal faces are distinctly visible on the fracture. 20. It forms white plates, melting at 132°, readily soluble in water, and subliming without decomposition. The hen is still more soberly attired; but it is perhaps the siskin's disposition to familiarity that makes it so favourite a captive, and, 'though as a cage-bird it is not ordinarily long-lived, it readily adapts itself to the loss of liberty. (understood, acknowledged) " She tends to readily forgive children. The pit-threads are larger and stain more readily than the wail-threads. The advantage claimed for roofs formed with one or two large spans is that they permit the platforms and tracks to be readily rearranged at any time as required, whereas this is difficult with the other type, especially since the British Board of Trade requires the pillars to be not less than 6 ft. Whatever the pattern adopted for the roof, a sufficient portion of it must be glazed to admit light, and it should be so designed that the ironwork can be easily inspected and painted and the glass readily cleaned. Japanese bronze is well suited for castings, not only because of its low melting-point, great fluidity and capacity for taking sharp impressions, but also because it has a particularly smooth surface and readily develops a fine patina. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 19 examples: Most scholars implicitly assume that voters have ready access to such… It is an orange-coloured gas which may be readily liquefied and by further cooling may be solidified. It decomposes steam at a red heat, and slowly dissolves in dilute hydrochloric and sulphuric acids, but more readily in nitric acid. At the time when I became her teacher, she had made for herself upward of sixty signs, all of which were imitative and were readily understood by those who knew her. Thus it was hoped and believed that she would the more readily accept its presence. These instincts and impulses would be at work already among the soldiers during the Crusade, producing a saga all the more readily, as there were poets in the camp; for we know that a certain Richard, who joined the First Crusade, sang its exploits in verse, while still more famous is the princely troubadour, William of Aquitaine, who joined the Crusade of Iloo.